Tracie Horn has led the highly qualified team at Turramurra Natural Beauty (TNB) since she became the proud owner of this boutique salon in 2007. For more than 10 years, Tracie has dedicated her career to providing her valued clients with a comprehensive range of customised treatments that enhance their natural beauty, both inside and out. Tracie is committed to helping her clients with anti-ageing and loss of firmness, as well as conditions such as dehydration, acne, stress, redness, uneven skin tone, dry and sensitive skin, rosacea, dark spots, blemishes and reactions. Tracie also enjoys caring for her clients by mitigating the distressing effects of acute medical treatments including chemotherapy and medications.

Whether you are seeking a luxurious treatment or need help with problematic skin, stepping inside TNB’s tranquil, calming and nurturing environment instantly invites you to shed your worries and surrender yourself to exquisite treatments that will rejuvenate, uplift and relax you to your core. Tracie always takes the time to consult carefully with her clients and really listens to their wants, needs and desired results, so that she can expertly assess the skin and match the perfect treatment and home skincare regime. This lifestyle approach honours each and every client, as Tracie is passionate about delivering innovative, bespoke treatments that are not only the latest in natural skincare know-how from Paris — where she continues to study her craft — but will also deliver the most radiant, healthy skin possible.

Tracie chooses to only work with beauty brands that invest in top-quality research and development and are known for retaining their own in-house scientists. The TNB team prides itself on complying with the beauty industry’s strict hygiene standards — that demand single-use, autoclaved equipment — and with this in mind, Tracie strives to minimise TNB’s environmental footprint.

“Quality products stand by themselves,” says Tracie. “However, a product by itself will not provide an answer. But a product in the expert hands of a highly experienced and talented therapist can provide the capability to achieve real outcomes in terms of skincare that promotes healthy, glowing, well-nourished skin.”